4 Tips To Make Better Friends In The Blog World + A Giveaway

So you've started blogging and you're saying, "how do I make this shiz grow??" Almost all of us started with the goal of writing, but it's always nice to get a bit of validation for your efforts! Like when Lauren told me I've been a blogging superstar as of late (which I still don't believe but whatever!) I was so super stoked! That extra bit of encouragement is sometimes all you need. Well guess what! Other ladies need it too! But you can't get feedback or interact with other bloggers without doing a little networking! So below are my 4 tips for networking around blogland.

1 /// Comment on Other Blogs

Okay, yes, this is a relatively obvious one and probably the first one that anyone tells you, so I promise they'll get less repetitive as the time goes on. Just bare (bear?) with me! No clue on that one. Sorry, I'm usually so good with homonyms! Frankly, commenting is the number one way to get your blog noticed. I know it can be frustrating to not get a response sometimes, but keep commenting. Some people are busy and, even more so, some people don't know that you won't see their threaded comment reply in blogger. Just keep commenting. Make friends!
Here's my fine print. Make sure that your comments are meaningful and show that you read the post that you're commenting on. Most bloggers really hate seeing something in their inbox along the lines of "Cool post! I'm your newest follower! Follow me back!" This shows no effort to tailor your comment to the post and almost feels like you copied and pasted. Being personable is important.

2 /// Join a Blogger Happy Hour

Last Thursday, I hung out with 9 lovely ladies from blogland in a Blogger Happy Hour hosted by Erin and co-hosted by Helene. Not only did I get to drink with two of my favorite bloggers (and really, who can top that??) but I got some great blogging advice AND personally met 7 other lovely blog ladies that I didn't really know before that night! The nice thing is that these ladies will not all be in your "blogging circle," so you really get a chance to see some totally new faces. This will also go a long way in you getting to know them on a more personal level. Way more interaction when you're talking face to face than through email! This event is highly recommended by me.

3 /// Find a Local Blogging Group

About a month ago, I found the Northeast Bloggers Network and I'm so excited to be a part of the community! I became fast friends with some of the ladies and it's a much smaller group than all of blog land, so you really get a chance to get to know them on a better level without feeling overwhelmed. Bonus points for this one because you can schedule blates!

4 /// Sponsor People

This one is huge! Get your name out there! The best way to do this (if you have a little cash) is to go big or go home and actually pay for sponsorships that put you front and center (aka a guest post or some sort of blog mention), but if you can't afford these options or are too nervous right now to write a guest post, no biggie! A lot of blogs offer sponsor swaps that you can get in on by just putting your button on their sidebar as well! This is a really great way to get to know people because many bloggers make it a point to read all of their sponsors' posts for the month. 

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MarlaJan said...

I had been toying with the idea of the Happy Hour, just wasn't sure about it. But, it's good to hear from someone who participated, and to know what it was worth your time and $$. I love this recent influx of blogging tips on the blog world lately. Definitely things I will take away when writing my posts, trying to connect with others!
Thanks for the great tips! And I hope I win that giveaway! Mama needs some new bling!

The Modern Tulip said...

I love this and I agree with your blogging tips 100%. It's a genuine effort and love for blogland that makes or breaks a blog.

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

Great tips my dear! I loved hanging out with you ladies, it was $$ well spent to meet the girls behind the blogs and speak with you all "in real life" - I learned so much from each of you!! xoxo

Neatly- Packaged said...

Excellent tips! Thank you for sharing :) Oh! If you have a chance, I am hosting a giveaway as well :)


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I so need to do a blogger Happy Hour!

Rachel said...

Real comments are the best. And, by the way, I have a foolproof way to remember that it's actually "Bear with Me". Imagine a real bear with you. As in this: http://www.therandomwritings.com/2013/04/bear-with-me.html

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