5 Ways to Instantly Be More Confident

Have you ever gone through your day and just felt a little off because you weren't feeling confident? C'mon, ladies, you're fabulous and you need to know this! But if you're ever feeling a little down because you're lacking some confidence, here are my tips for instantly becoming more confident.

1 /// Look up some motivational statements or mantras

Hell, look through my Motivation Mondays if you want! Just find something that resonates with you about how fabulous you are! Because let me tell you, you. are. fabulous. Now, put this as your phone background or print it out and hang it in your kitchen or bathroom. See it over and over and you'll be feeling like a friggin' super star in no time!

2 /// Call your bestie

Your bestie will help, I promise. There's a reason that they love you and that you are besties, so obviously, if you call and say "I'm not feeling confident, tell me why I'm awesome," they're gonna be like, "well, first you're MY bestie. But other than that, you're pretty, smart, sweet..." and the list will go on. Just don't do this too much or you'll come off as super needy (although, it's your bestie, so they should love you no matter what!)

3 /// Smile and tell yourself you're awesome

Happy people tend to be more confident overall. Smiling is actually a great way to make yourself happy. If you smile, you're body thinks your happy and will start actually making you happy! It's a weird phenomenon, but it works. If you tell yourself you're awesome, soon enough, you'll start to believe it! Keep doing it and in no time, you'll be ready to take on the world!

4 /// Make a personal resumé

This does not have to be anything you show to anyone, but make a list of things you are good at and talents you have. Can you knit? Cool, write it down. Can you play the saxophone? Fabulous, write it down. Can you lick your elbow with your tongue? First, take a picture and send it to me and then write it down. Think of any random, awesome thing you've learned to do over the years and write it down! This will show you how awesome you are and how much stuff you know how to do! If you're a graphic designer, first, put that on there and then make your resumé super cool looking!

5 /// Wear some sexy lingerie

It doesn't even matter if anyone but you is going to see it, but when I'm wearing cute underwear, I instantly feel more confident! Look at yourself in the mirror and say, "da-yum, I look good!" A great bra and some panties will instantly make you feel better about yourself.

Want a giftcard so that you can go get some cute lingerie? Maeg from The Modern Tulip and a few of us other ladies are giving away a gift card to help you get your confidence up (and/or get some great lingerie to show off on Valentine's Day next month). 

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MarlaJan said...

Oh my goodness, what a kick ass post! I wish I could say I felt confident these days, but, it's hard. Reading this made me step back and think for a moment. I AM fabulous! And by the way, I totally just tried to lick my elbow. Close, but no cigar.

Happy weekend, and thanks for a faboosh post, and a wonderful giveaway!

Helene in Between said...

just gotta fake it til you make it!!!

Neatly- Packaged said...

This is awesome :) Thank you for sharing!


Krysten Gautreaux said...

The last one is ESPECIALLY true. Doing my boudoir shoot made me feel SO confident. I can't wait to do another one!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Love these ideas! Definitely agree with #3.. it's crazy how forcing yourself to smile can really turn a whole day around!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh mannnnn did I need this!!!! I've been feeling VERY blah lately. :/

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