Lucky it Happened on Sunday...

Howdy, lovelies! I'm very much in need of today's motivation! It's been a weekend! Well, actually, just a Sunday, but I'll get in to that in a minute.

Why did I break from Marilyn this week to give you a completely made up quote by yours truly? Well, it all started around 3pm yesterday...

I was sitting on my couch working away and being super productive when my A/C unit started making funny noises. I texted R and asked if it making funny noises was a bad thing. Obviously, I'm very good at being descriptive about my problems! When he didn't respond, I walked over to my A/C unit and saw water coming up out of the carpet. Now, I'm no construction expert, but I do know that water coming up out of the carpet tends to be a bad thing. So what do I do? Well, knowing that I'm not personally allowed to call building maintenance, I call my landlord. Good news, she responded and called the building, but apparently, because I called her, they didn't think it was much of an emergency. Oops!

At this point, I'm a bit nervous. So I pull out my trusty camera phone and start taking a series of pictures to document the newly drenched carpet. Eventually, I prove that this is worth calling building maintenance (yea, I'm persuasive!) and the guy comes in and starts kinda freaking out once he gets the panel off because look at the gushing water coming out of my pipes!

Top left: pipe burst gushing
Top right: look, my A/C unit's on the floor!
Bottom right: still working and the floor is now more like a puddle than carpet
Bottom left: this is what started the whole thing
Frankly, at this point, I was relieved! Why? Because this was the point where I said I have renter's insurance a roof over my head! They figured out what was wrong and, yes, I'm walking around on wet carpets until they come to dry them out today (and I'm missing work because of this, good or bad, you decide), but really, I'm lucky! This could have been way worse! What would have happened if the pipe burst when I was out of town or when I had gone to work for a long day? I was home, it only took 3 hours to stop the leak and I didn't have to go to a hotel (although my apartment has a seriously burnt rubber smell that I'm still not accustom to after more than 12 hours of it)!

So frankly, rather than being motivational today, I'm going to be thankful. What are you thankful for?

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Thankfully you were there to catch it! And where the heck do you live that you have your AC on in January?!? Take me there!!! Haha hoping your week is off to a better start!

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, something like that could have been way worse! I'm glad it wasn't any worse and that it sounds like the problem will be fixed soon! Thankfulness is the right kind of attitude to choose!

Krysten Gautreaux said...

Holy cow, that's nuts! And yes, it could be worse. I'm glad it sounds like everything's getting fixed okay!

Helene in Between said...

what a great perspective you have! I would have probably been mad... but at least it is getting fixed. and you're right, we are lucky!!

Emily Finta said...

That's crazy, glad it's getting fixed!

MarlaJan said...

I really love how descriptive you are, "funny noises" LOL. But, you are right, it could have been way worse, and you are very lucky to still have a roof over your head. ALWAYS a silver lining! <3

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